Sunday, October 2, 2011

Abmho --A syntax highlighter that runs online and offline

Introducing Abmho –the syntax highlighter wizard 

The first stable release of Abmho is out. It is by no means the first or only syntax highlighter on the web. There are quite a few out there but the vast majority aren't usable. Abmho can run on the web or as a standalone silverlight application on your desktop.

Since I like my code colored and styled when pasting code snippets in blog posts, I decided to write an app that did only that. I hardly blog by the way, hopefully this will motivate me more.

Now, lets look at how Abmho works and what it can do. There are four steps in the process.

You start by pasting your code, as you see in the screenie below, this is done in the first step.

Step 1 - Paste your code

Next, you need to state what language your code is in. This step also lets you set a language at the line level. What this means is that you can mix languages in a single snippet. No other syntax highlighter can do this by the way.

Step 2 - Compose the language

Mixing languages has always been problematic for me because in you can mix code and markup in the same template file. This meant that I had to copy the code separately and the markup separately. Quite the work it used to be but not anymore.

By default, the selected language will apply to all lines. If you want to mix languages, you must first “Uncheck” the checkbox and then select line/s and apply at the line level.

Step 3 - Settings and live preview

One thing to note in the above step is that when setting the background color, the code highlight will try to contrast the background automatically. This is not a predefined scheme and there are some edge cases where the contrasting might not be perfect. Luckily you have many colors to choose from.
Lastly, you collect the output. You simply copy the code by either right click (select all – copy) or use the apposite copy button. The code is then embeded in your page manually. The generated output as you can see is clear css/html where you can optionally specify that classes be used instead of inline css for styling the layout.
Step 4 - Copy the output and embed directly on a web page

The application is written in silverlight and hosted online, but you can opt to run it in OOB mode (out of browser mode). In this mode, the application will run as a desktop application, meaning it will be available to you in offline mode and you don't have to navigate to our website. Instead the application gets installed locally on your desktop and you will be able to launch it from either your start menu or desktop shortcut.

Currently I don't run ads and there is no business model to support this project. Creating the application in silverlight allowed me to keep server costs at a minimum as I have no code running serverside (The only cost to maintain is the domain The silverlight application itself is hosted on google app engine.

Why did I make it?
While I find it helpful as an application for my own purposes, whether my requirement is to provide highlighted syntax in my applications or in my blog posts, having writing this application has also permitted me to experiment in silverlight/mvvm pattern/prism. Simple applications like this help me to improve my coding efforts on larger projects and make better decisions overall. So why not?

What's next?
Not much really. Next I will be porting this application to metro style on windows 8. Hopefully with minimum effort ( or I like to think so). If I feel like it, ofcourse!

10/10/2011 --A new version of abmho is out. For those of you who installed the oob mode (desktop version) must first uninstall the previous version (control panel, find abmho and uninstall). And then proceed to our install page and reinstall it. Subsequent releases will update automatically.

10/11/2011 --A new version is out. Abmho v1.3 Thanks to everybody reporting problems through the app itself. For OOB mode, we are unable to provide automatic updates because it requires a digital signed code trusted certificate which costs an arm and a leg.

This is a free app, so follow the instructions in the install page. Basically simply right click on the install page, choose to "Remove the application", then proceed to re-install using the same page ( The install button will re-enable itself).

10/11/2011 --A new version is up. Abmho v1.4. Why so many versions in one day? Because I'm making fixes and pushing them out as they are available. This will probably the last one in a while. We now do not require elevated permissions for OOB. What a relief since we don't want to invest in a code signing digital certificate. I'm happy!

10/14/2011 --A new version is up. Abmho v1.6. This fixes an unexpected background worker error when using the wizard then navigating within the site and returning to the wizard again. Many of you reported this problem and you were all very kind. Thanks! We were not disposing the wizard correctly when navigating out of the home page. This is fixed now and I am happy!

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