Saturday, August 21, 2010

Typps Version 2.2 released

After 8 months of heavy development, Typps is back with a vengence. This new version marks a milestone because the code base has gone a partial rewrite and includes numerous bug fixes and new features that we shall be documenting soon.

Infact we shall soon provide a backlog so people know what feature is being worked on and where we are headed. In this release we have stalled many times but this is due to the numerous problems we were trying to tackle in Typps. To make it worse, we under went a complete rebranding phase and we are now officially called Typps. Along with the new name we have revamped our site, moved our discussions to codeplex ( much more consistent and less maintenance work for us).

We are however still lacking in documentation and demo pages to showcase on ; the demo pages are also downloadable on codeplex. This allows you quick access to seeing how everything works. There are a lot of plans for typps and where we are headed, eg : more documentation, video tutorials, a faster release sprint (while adopting agile methodologies), supply more unit tests ( our current unit tests are quite scarce and broken). Moving forward, we also want to provide MVC support and silverlight.

MVC and silverlight are important, in this manner we can reuse the same components across various project types without resorting to alternatives etc.

This new release does not offer an upgrade, so don't expect to upgrade your existing apps by simply copying the dll. There are a lot of breaking features to take this to the next level. If you encounter issues, report them on codeplex.

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